Swift Sandbox

It's been a good run over the past year with the Swift Sandbox newsletter reaching just under 10,000 opt-in email subscribers. However, it's time to consider what's next.

Why the change?
Although there has been a strong interest in Swift open source projects, I've decided to take a breather and think through some ideas about how I might contribute in a different manner to the Swift developer community

Will you continue to post about Swift open source projects?
If you are an iOS developer interested in Swift open source, I welcome you to visit iOSDeveloperTips.com. I started the website in 2008 when the iPhone was first released - at its peak the site delivers over 15K pageviews/day. The blog has moved away from providing how-to/tutorial content to a daily curated collection of Swift tips, tricks, tools and open source projects. I'm working on a facelift of the site that I hope to introduce late July or early August.
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